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A century of family heritage

The winery is located in Baroville where the monks of Clairvaux set up 6 ordinary presses in the 17th century in order to produce altar wine.

It was only in 1910, on this historicl site, that our ancestor Félix FOURRIER, winegrower and mayor of Baroville, decided to buy some land and establish his own winery.

In 1952 his son René FOURRIER took over with the help of his wife Andrée. They became the first wine brokers in Baroville.

In 1974, when Andrée died, her daughter Jeannine continued the family tradition along with her husband Jean MALLET, who made his own champagne and started commercializing it. The couple developed the winery which extended from 3ha to 16ha.

It was in 1981 that Christine and Francine, 2 of the 3 daughters of the MALLET couple, joined their parents with their husbands Sylvain COLLIN and Yves VAN DEN BROECKE. They continued to modernize the wine-producing company by making investments to develop the production.

In 2015, Francine's daughter, Elodie, eventually decided to make the family adventure and heritage live on with the help of her husband Yoann MARX, a former engineer.

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